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The sites on this page are from people that I have met on the web. Some I have had a couple of encounters with. Others I comunicate with all the time. Either way they have left an impression on me or they wouldn't be here. Their sites are great and I think you will enjoy them. There are no certain topics as these sites are on all types of things. So have FUN and thanks for stopping by.

Nancy's Place in Minnesota

The Backyard Nature Specialist

My Poetry Pages and I

Gest Home USA

Murphy's F-Key Saver

Shutter Hunter's Base Camp

Jo's Kaleidoscope Glass

YardCam Views

SummerStorm's Mountain Cabin

Artisian Workshops

MazeDon's Maze

Rednanny's Place

Templar's Favorite Websites

Storyboard's by Buss

Thunderstorms and Rainbows

Land Of The Big Cats

Margie's HIDE-A-WAY

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