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My Nature Pictures


I was terribly lucky to aquire these beautiful works of art. Since I was a kid I have always been fascinated with arrowheads. I am not an expert on them by no means. I use the word arrowheads to define the whole group. But not all of these are points or projectiles. Some are scrappers, knives, spears, drills, and so on. These were graded to be excellent field grade. I know some of the different points only because they were marked when I got them. If they do not have anything on them, then I have no clue what type they are.
I hope You enjoy these and if you have any questions please feel free to Email Me

Top Left: Madison
Bottom Left: Abasolo or Desmuke

Center: Pontehartrain
Top Left & Right: Steuben
Bottom Right: Beaver Lake
Bottom Left: Alba

Top Left & Right: ?Shumla or Eva?
Center: Edgewood
Bottom Right: Uvalde
Bottom Left: Williams

Center: Pinetree
Top Left & Right: Frio
Bottom Row: Palmillas

All: Lange

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