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This page is dedicated to my husband. who tolerates me spending time working on my web pages, and has put up with me for 17 years now.

This page is not intended to offend anyone. we have lived in middle tn. always. we grew up with these symbols as part of our lives. for us they are symbols of the south, not hatred. so i hope everyone can enjoy and learn from these pages.

i can not guarantee that some of these links will not lead to hate groups. if you run into one leave.


Georgia Info
info on the civil war from The University of Georgia
The Tennessee SCV
great site
Lotz House Museum
in Franklin Tn.
Dakota State University
lots of links
Dixie Net
tons of info
Southern Comforts Homepage
a wide range of topics on the south

Thanks to all those who supply us with gifs. graphics on this page are from:

Savage/Goodner's Confederate Clipart

Civil War Clipart Gallery

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diana page

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